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  • Physical Education

    Our thorough curriculum for each age group is studied and set carefully to prepare our students technically, academically, socially and emotionally.

  • IBDP

    The IBDP College is distinguished for its achievements in preparing students to join outstanding universities all over the world.

  • Performing Arts

    “May we hear the sounds of creative voices singing, feet dancing and dramatic productions fill the school with projection and talent.”
    Lara N. Atalla– Head of Performing Arts Department.

  • Physical Education

    We begin every year with competitive tryouts aiming to form strong teams that best represent the school, the Eagles. Trained by highly qualified top coaches in the region our team annually participates and excels in friendly, national, and international tournaments

  • MMS Graduates

    The MMS Internship Coordinator works closely with the University Counselors, Career Counselor, and CAS Coordinator in order to provide our students with internship opportunities with various companies and organizations to enhance their knowledge, help them experience corporate and non-corporate work environments,

July 2020
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